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Are You With Me?

Make this promise, and KEEP IT—it’s way too important to overlook. Because…… I think that says it all………

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Pinky Swear?

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Before You Toss It “Away”……..

The infographic below is a revealing portrait of what lasts and approximately how LONG it stays around on the planet. The longest? How about disposable diapers? Leather? Makes you pay a little more attention to  how we “get rid of” … Continue reading

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Sage Advice

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How Sweet It Isn’t…..

Yes, life can be mighty sweet, but it also can be an overkill of hyper-sweetness when we consume too much of the white stuff.  22 packs? When you see a visual  like that, it’s a much-needed wake-up call. Now, here’s … Continue reading

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Minimalism = Maximum Living

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When “Less” Is A Whole Lot “MORE”

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