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Let It Begin With Me

As summer officially ends this Saturday, two organizations mark a noteworthy day for raising awareness and promoting peace building through worldwide events  . First, it’s the International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21, as an opportunity to create shared … Continue reading

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It Is Enough…….

When you look around you at ALL that you do have, and the unlimited potential  of what can be, scarcity thinking doesn’t have a foothold in your life……….

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Why “New” Isn’t Always Best

Like most women, I’ve had more than my share of steadily  combing the malls and lots of casual shopper-tainment with  friends over the years. However, after growing more eco-conscious, the need to add a plethora of new items in my … Continue reading

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Castle of Dreams…..

With Labor Day having come and gone, the first stirrings of fall are already being felt. Going back to school, settling in to work, and moving towards the celebrations of the upcoming season make the above sand castle a cherished … Continue reading

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15 Too Many

  One of my guilty food pleasures is French fries–crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft inside. It’s a comfort food that I’ve loved since childhood, and can always appreciate a really great-tasting batch. But when I recently saw the … Continue reading

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We All Deserve That Break Today

On this Labor Day, my sentiments mirror this wonderful cartoon by illustrator Jim Hunt:

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