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Fear Factor–Foodie Style

Be careful when shopping, and avoid these as much as possible: Advertisements

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Planetary “Do Over”

Recycling may not be everything, but it’s a major tool in living and thinking more sustainably. If you’re still not in the habit, take the extra few seconds to make that step. And that’s just how it starts—SMALL—until it becomes … Continue reading

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Before You Toss It “Away”……..

The infographic below is a revealing portrait of what lasts and approximately how LONG it stays around on the planet. The longest? How about disposable diapers? Leather? Makes you pay a little more attention to  how we “get rid of” … Continue reading

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Minimalism = Maximum Living

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When “Less” Is A Whole Lot “MORE”

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Global Pledge

No matter where you live, this should be our daily promise to Mother Earth.

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Sage Advice

In honor of Wednesday, April 22…………

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