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Fear Factor–Foodie Style

Be careful when shopping, and avoid these as much as possible: Advertisements

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Before You Toss It “Away”……..

The infographic below is a revealing portrait of what lasts and approximately how LONG it stays around on the planet. The longest? How about disposable diapers? Leather? Makes you pay a little more attention to  how we “get rid of” … Continue reading

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NOT “Just” A Piece of Paper…….

This info is great for not only businesses, and the office, but for our personal lives as well

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Don’t Dump It!

The impact of E-waste cannot be overlooked.   25 million pounds and counting of toxic materials are found in those electronic baubles that we love so much—everything from the smartphones, laptops, and more. Just because they may seem to ,make … Continue reading

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Kicking the [Paper Towel] Habit, Part 1

When I started using less paper products in 2009, little did I realize the impact it would have on my lifestyle. One of my grocery shopping staples was paper towels. Like clockwork, I probably went through 50-55 rolls a year, … Continue reading

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