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Are You With Me?

Make this promise, and KEEP IT—it’s way too important to overlook. Because…… I think that says it all……… Advertisements

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Before You Toss It “Away”……..

The infographic below is a revealing portrait of what lasts and approximately how LONG it stays around on the planet. The longest? How about disposable diapers? Leather? Makes you pay a little more attention to  how we “get rid of” … Continue reading

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Waste Not, Want Not This Thanksgiving

Even if you’ve obtained the fixings for the meal, invited the guests, cleaned up the house, and all the other stuff one does for this annual fest, you still don’t have to be gluttons of waste, just because t’s the … Continue reading

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Not Asking For Much

The numbers on this infographic are big, yes,  but 1 small act of less litter and plastic usage  from each of us daily CAN make a difference.

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Don’t Dump It!

The impact of E-waste cannot be overlooked.   25 million pounds and counting of toxic materials are found in those electronic baubles that we love so much—everything from the smartphones, laptops, and more. Just because they may seem to ,make … Continue reading

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Going On A “Things” Diet

The Story of Stuff Project strongly encourages all of us to be aware of all the items we accumulate every day—check out their info-packed website, and oh yeah, let’s get rid of some of that stuff…….[sometimes, I’m guilty, too☺]

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Let Us Count (AND Recount) the Ways……….

Making a conscious effort to do at least HALF of the steps listed above among you, your family, and friends can make a HUGE difference. It means paying close attention to your actions.

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