The Countdown is ON………

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With the season of Advent here, a more meaningful approach is less emphasis on “What do I get,” and focus on “What can I give?

Even though we’re a week in, there’s still plenty of opportunities to spread the cheer that lasts well beyond the last cookie crumb…..Let’s lavish on the kindness!

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Just Say “NO”

LoveWaterGirl HonorEarth-1.jpg:

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Sage Advice

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No other option

This pledge is just as critical………

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My Other Passion

I know, I know………it’s been about nine months since I’ve posted!

Life sent me some speed bumps that I’m working through, and I finally realized that I’ve got to revive my inner book nerd. My “other” passion is voracious reading,  and lots of yearly reading challenges, which is my second blog page, listing upcoming challenges for the year.

Since I’ve been on hiatus for so long, I also want to add more posts in this blog about my love for all things literary, and also posts of encouragement and motivation.

The reading page in progress for 2017, so come back closer to January 1 to follow along with me. My goal is ultimately to get 168 books done, an average of 7 books every 2 weeks.

So, although it’s not officially the New Year, my resolution is to stay connected to my followers more often….starting NOW!

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Second thoughts….


Seeing this graphic put a jolt in my brain about drinking lots of soda pop. While not a heavy consumer to begin with, ust looking over the effects only strengthens my resolve to make some alternative choices – such as fresh juices, herbal teas, occasional coffee, but above all—WATER from the tap.

What about you?

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When you go through your closets…….


Do the math—85% is way, way too much for textiles to go in landfills. Instead of just throwing the garments in the trash, pass them along to someone else, or to another cause that will benefit from them. Besides having more space, you’ll have lessened the need to endlessly acquire more clothing.

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Not Just Any Valentine

food-love eating

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Real Food

real food-manifesto

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A do over………

Feb. 1 - trial

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