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Creating A New Pathway

This is a beautiful, thought-provoking video……. Advertisements

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It’s A Plastic State of Mind

A million bags a minute—boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Enjoy this two minutefun-but-truthful video, share it, and get those reusable bags workin’! Change your habits from 1-time use to re-use…….

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The Good 1%

With so much talk going on about the 99% in the current world situation, it’s refreshing to be part of the 1% as so eloquently voiced by Maya Angelou:

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Only 100?

http://video.aish.com/jw-player/vn5.8/player.swf You don’t need just 100 reasons—simply be grateful for everything……

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Message for 11/11/11

On this confluence of the number 1, a message of hope and appreciation for all that is, as shown in this video: Enjoy………

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Pollan on School Lunch

In observance of School Lunch Week, healthy food advocate Michael Pollan weighs in  on the school food situation—it’s an important two minutes to listen to the message:

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Live BIG! Live FREE!

You were NOT created for smallness………………….

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