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Inching Closer to Sustainability

After being pushed by so many enviro-activist groups, the Starbucks corporation  is finally implementing a pilot program this fall to recycle used cups turned into napkins for their outlets. Although I’ll still bring my own reusable, this is a great … Continue reading

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Big Green Thinkers

Earth Day 40 may have come and gone, but the quest for being greener and cleaner on all areas continues, thanks to many of the people featured in a recent Grist posting listing 40 notable movers and shakers in the ever-growing … Continue reading

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Nothing To Play About

         The sound of a banging screen door has been traded in for the silence of a computer or video screen by many kids as they choose staying inside for leisure. The words “Go outside and play,” is heard less … Continue reading

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Making the Re-Connection

       In my home state of Illinois, the General Assembly has declared June as “No Child Left Inside Month.” With two weeks left in the month, there’s still time to take advantage of many nature-based activites sponsored by by the … Continue reading

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Don’t Toss That Tube

A major shift takes place in the television industry on June 12. That’s when the long-awaited shift to digital broadcast takes place, making analog signals a thing of the past. With choices in cable, satellite, and converter boxes, there’s going … Continue reading

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