Not Eating It


One more challenge I’m taking on this month is the No Restaurant Food Out challenge. Since Dec. 29, I’ve decided to go with no takeout food, no fast foods, and and no generic “let’s go out for lunch” food times until Jan. 29, 2015. It’s all coming from the home front.

In other words, it’s Kitchen Central, and 99% of my household meals will come from there. Already, I was moving in that direction, but I was eating out more than I liked, or was not really conscious about. So I’m choosing to make the intentional effort to “do the home thing.”


First of all, I love to cook. Simple as that. My recipe collection is huge, to say the least, and if I made everything in it just once, there’d be no repeats for probably 6-7 years!
Therefore, it’s hitting all my sources, including Pinterest, my recipe folders, and other bookmarked food sites for some new and revisited delicious eats.

Next, there are plenty of staples and pantry supplies for me to work with already. Along with  fresh produce, there’s no reason that outside food has a place in my schedule for these upcoming days.

Then, removing the so-called stigma of leftover food is another plus. It also means eating what’s already in the fridge, [that’s not expired. I’m thinking of them as “planned overs,” and will move forward with that.

Finally, the thought of the funds saved is a real incentive. With this being January, warm kitchen = warm meals = a warm, wealthier, happier, healthier house! Now, let me end this post, and get on to the kitchen for tonight…….


About got2care

A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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