Keep It GREEN!

green-Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving has evolved into a consumer frenzy that has some people camping out in parking lots, poised over their computers, and in general, giving in to the siren song of “buy, buy, buy.” The chances are slim to none that they won’t be seeing and experiencing the natural world. You know, stuff like trees, taking walks, getting outside away from the malls. Nah, can’t say that it will.

But, being-green-inspired, YOU can turn Black Friday into a nature lover’s oasis in a sea of all that cash and grab.  Burn off those calories from Turkey by getting outside in the natural world, breathing in fresh air, and get caught in Mother Nature’s show, more spectacular than any flat screen.

First of all, pick a location to spend some time in the outdoors. It can be far from home, like a place in the country, a hiking trail, or even as close as your local park.

Don’t forget to share the experience with others—family, friends, the kids, and grandkids. Make it  an exploration crew time, discovering your own “new” worlds..

Next, bring a sketch, and/or camera. You’ll want to record your observations, and sights you won’t readily see in the built environment. You don’t have to be a Rembrandt to create a visual record for yourself. Remember, this is relaxation, not a video game to win.

A  delightful twist on just being outside is a nature scavenger hunt. Include prompts for things to look for, things to hear, things to feel, and one’s feelings. There are lots of examples online, like on Pinterest, and Google.

Think outside the usual, and simply let yourself GROW this Green Friday!



About got2care

A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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