Gifts Without Boxes


Turning the focus away from the crass consumerism of Black Friday, (and in some cases Gray Thursday[!]), is the welcome relief of Giving Tuesday, which is December 3, 2013. Only in its second year, this observance is now a global effort to create acts of giving to charitable organizations at the start of the annual holiday season.

Last year, hoping for only a few partners, the project ended up with over 2,500 participants and scheduled events across the nation. Now the idea has gone global, with Canada, Mexico, Latin America, and Singapore among international partners.

This movement, fueled by social media, has seen efforts triple to over 7,000 partners to date.

The premise is simple—all you need to to find a way for your family, workplace, community, or organization to give something back.

With too much emphasis on the getting, what better way to teach youngsters the roots of philanthropy, shifting from a “me” to we?”

A couple of suggestions:

  • Have a treasure hunt—collect what’s not being used, and donate to a program that helps families in need;
  • Hold a neighborhood drive pf gloves/sweaters/coats to distribute during the winter season.

It’s not always about the money; it’s about coming together to truly pass forward those blessings. If you’re media-inclined, please “like” their Facebook page. Even if you’re not, still pass this date along to people you know. If we can get excited over a few items that really won’t matter in the long run, let’s truly get pumped about giving a boost to those who need a lift in life.



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A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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