Let It Begin With Me


As summer officially ends this Saturday, two organizations mark a noteworthy day for raising awareness and promoting peace building through worldwide events  .Day-Of-Peace-International-idp_lav_turq_2logos_101306

First, it’s the International Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21, as an opportunity to create shared acts of peace from individuals, groups, and nations. Sponsored by the United Nations, it was started in 1981 as a resolution coinciding with the beginning of the general Assembly. Since 2002, the September 21 date is the permanent observance.

The focus for this year is how education impacts the global situation. Ben-Ki-Moon sums it up: “Education is the single best investment countries can make towards building prosperous, healthy, and equitable societies.”

While there are many happenings taking place, among the more unique is the unique
 24-hour Peace Day Telecast. Since 2009, this commemoration is available through the Internet, TV, and radio. You can watch a message from Ban-Ki-Moon, the Secretary General, peace music, watch inspirational videos and more.

The Global Mala for Peace Project aims to unite the global yoga community, through a mala of collective practices . Thousands of yoga teachers and practitioners will participate in a variety of events.

global unity-walk the talk

An offshoot of this day is the Global March for Peace & Unity, a worldwide grassroots effort to strengthen the ideals of peace building as a long-term solution. Focusing on tolerance, and diversity, social media sites  like Facebook has largely fueled this initiative.

Next, by  promoting music as a vehicle for positive social change and peace is the reason for the organization Playing For Change, uniting the globe through musical events at schools, street corners, and countless other venues as they have since 2011. Joining them is the One Love Foundation , founded by the children of the late Bob Marley in furthering values of youth, planet, and peace.


In 2012, 52 countries participated, holding over 330 events, raising $152,000 for this cause. The success of Playing For Change Day keeps musical instruments, instructors, and inspiration flowing in many spots where the gift of music might be ignored.

Listen to a selection illustration the universality of peace building through music from Playing For Change.



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