15 Too Many



One of my guilty food pleasures is French fries–crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft inside. It’s a comfort food that I’ve loved since childhood, and can always appreciate a really great-tasting batch.

But when I recently saw the ingredients list for the fries of the Golden Arches, I stopped short—as there were 15 [YES!] more items listed besides the oil and the potatoes. Somehow, that struck me as a little unnatural.  Have you ever used citric acid in your fries? Neither have I. And about that anti-foaming agent—it has more letters than I can pronounce or care to think about. As far as I’m concerned, when an ingredient is unpronounceable, then you know it’s more fake than genuine.

Moreover, too many ingredients are genetically-modified products, such as canola oil, for one. That really got my dander up, and I’m appalled that we eat countless orders of these without even thinking what really goes into our systems.

From now on, those Golden Arches have been tarnished in my book, and I’ll just stick stick to the old-fashioned way—making them at home. Give me yummy, not yucky to my tummy……


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A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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One Response to 15 Too Many

  1. Geraldine says:

    I’m SO glad I never eat at the big M!!!

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