What’s YOUR Word?

manifest 2012

Life has been happening to me for the last few weeks, putting any postings on the back burner. As it’s now March, almost 17% of 2012 is now history. But it’s never too late in the year to determine what one word would be the focus and/or theme in your life for 2012.

I learned about this process shortly before the end of 2011 in a web posting about choosing a single word as a guide for one’s success. The author, social media expert and trainer
Mari Smith, recommends that in addition to our mission statements, vision boards, goal sheets, etc., focusing on just one word can lead to all sorts of unexpected opportunities and positive shifts. Having done this for several years, she shares her a few of her chosen past words– focus, growth, and commitment—and explained how intentionally cultivating  those qualities changed for her personally and professionally.

She states:
When selecting your one-word theme, it’s important to not beat yourself up if you didn’t adhere to the word verbatim throughout the year. Adopt the approach of “correct and continue.” Do your best to use the word as a mantra, an internal guide. Then let go of any attachment to how the outside world is supposed to show up for you.”

Despite moving through everything that was going on around me, I did take time to decide on what I would select as my touchstone word for 2012: INCREASE.

For me, INCREASE is not about merely accumulating  more consumer items and material goods, but about widening the makeup of my inner life and growth:

an INCREASE in paying attention to the details;
an INCREASE in expressing kindness to others:
an INCREASE in spirituality practices;
an INCREASE in meditation and yoga;
an INCREASE in more  passionate living;
an INCREASE in showing gratitude daily;
an INCREASE in seeing the positive in all situations:
an INCREASE in visualization techniques;
an INCREASE in nurturing curiosity and child-like wonder;
an INCREASE in celebrating my uniqueness;
an INCREASE in healthy eating habits;
an INCREASE in taking time to read more;
an INCREASE in artistic pursuits;
an INCREASE in organizing my physical space;
an INCREASE in reaching out to more people in my professional endeavors;
an INCREASE in allowing my dreams to become reality;
an INCREASE in being more playful;
an INCREASE in my blog posts ☺;
an INCREASE in new friendships, and appreciating the current circles of friends;
an INCREASE in my extended family;
an INCREASE in stewardship for the planet;
an INCREASE in honoring diversity;
an INCREASE in being those changes I want to see in the world;
an INCREASE in the belief and faith that what seems Impossible become “I’m possible” with  consistent actions.

What’s going to be your word—this is still your year to shine!


About got2care

A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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