Keep On “Keeping It Real”

Although February  is over, that doesn’t mean reverting to unhealthy snacking habits. Last month, Kitchen Gardens International sponsored a month-long challenge in response to the big food industry’s “National Snack Food Month”.  This “Real Food Month” advocated healthy eating through informative commentary, videos, and even a fun, Facebook-based “like-off” against the ever-popular cheese balls! 

One of KGI’s videos, Beauty Food”  is a clever call for filling up on food that’s good for you, and not going  against your optimal health.

Consuming processed snacks  might generate huge profits, but also brings about serious damage to the wallet and the waistline. For example,  the 2011 Super Bowl Sunday was more than just about a big game, it was also about big eating, too, with over $55 million spent on snack foods, and over 30.4 million pounds consumed! It was reported to be the second  largest day in U.S. eating after Thanksgiving (and it’s not even a “national” holiday.)

In addition, another media campaign took place last month, stemming from the editors at Good Magazine. That media campaign also posed another  challenge to give up processed foods for a month. Both of these positively-driven moves keep us aware not only about our personal eating habits, but also the connection to our  communities, and on the overall global impact.

The shortest month may be  only 28 days, but that leaves yet 10 more months to stay on track with healthy snacks and lots of exercise.

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