Wisdom Thoughts

   From time to time, I like to share words of inspiration, on matters that really count beyond the ephemeral. These are the thoughts that keep me grounded, keep me reminded of what truly makes a difference. Here is  today’s offering:

“Let it never be forgotten that
glamour is not greatness;
applause is not fame;
prominence is not eminence.

The man of the hour is not apt to be the man of the ages.
A stone may sparkle, but that does not make it a diamond.
A man may have money, but that does not make him a success.”

It is what the unimportant do that really counts and
determines the course of history.
The greatest forces in the universe are never spectacular.
Summer showers are more effective than hurricanes,
but they get no publicity.
The world would soon die but for the fidelity, loyalty and consecration of those
whose names are unhonored and unsung.”

— Dr. Joseph R. Sizoo


About got2care

A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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