The Best, the Worst, and the…#4

     Continuing with my serial roundup of 2009 lists, I’ve noticed that these lists run the gamut from the traditional to the out and out wacky! Today is a healthy mix of all sorts of things…..

      Being a graphic designer sometimes, the list about best free fonts caught my attention. They’re not the kind of overly decorated selections, but items one could use repeatedly in a number of projects. Not bad to look into, if you’re ready to add a little variety into your desktop publishing life.

       The folks over at Marie-Claire published their Best and Worst Fashion Trends for 2009 on Christmas Eve. Among the things they nixed: thigh-high boots, plaid, and paisley. Among the trends they a thumbs-up were: soft pink makeup, high-heel pumps, and big scarves.

        The venerable New Yorker magazine has compiled a culture-crossing assortment of lists–two that I liked right away. Like countless others, I’m a devoted fan of Mrs. Obama’s fashion choices, and the NYer listed ten memorable fashion statements of the still young Obama era. Even Sarah Palin’s eyeglasses got a nod. The NYer also posted how they saw the 2009 year in television which included the coverage about the sweeping coverage of the Obama Inauguration, Jay Leno’s foray into prime-time, the passing of trailblazers Cronkite and Hewitt, Michael Jackson’s untimely death, and  Tom deLay on “Dancing with the Stars.”

       My other ubiquitous mag, TIME, puts out a plethora of lists for the year, and the Top 10 Magazine Covers was one of them. Also, celebs saying “I’m sorry” in one way or another was a trend of sorts in 2009. TIME brought together the best of them, from Tiger to South Carolina gov Mark Sanford.


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A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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