Read, Then Seed

      Books are good. Trees are also good.

      But you can do something better for both–by having a tree planted for every book you read.

      That’s the concept behing EcoLibris: to make a big impact at an affordable cost.logo

      Since its inception in 2007, EcoLibris has aimed to make reading a bit greener with the credo of “one book, one dollar, one tree.”Son of a librarian, Raz Godelnik, CEO, saw an innovative way to connect a simple action to a greater good.

       The idea is to balance the virgin paper used in producing books by planting trees in the developing countries of Central American and Africa.

     All you do is decide on how many books you want to balance (minimum: 5), make an online donationof $1 per book, and a tree is planted through selcted planting partners. For every “balanced out” book, you’ll receive a sticker made from recycled paper to place on the book cover, showing your committment to sustainable reading.

       In donating to EcoLibris, you’re taking positive action in reducing global warming–by reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels(CO2-a major greenhouse gas which contributes to global warming). That donation also helps in providing homes for many endangered species of plants and animals, along with cutting back on soil erosion. Not only consumers, but publishers and bookstores are encouraged to participate in the program.

      An astounding figure–30 million–trees are felled annually for the virgin paper used for new book production in the U.S. alone. According to various reports from the U.S. book industry, new books accounted for over 762,000 metric tons of paper as solid waste. That results in methane releases that have been calculated as 8.2% of the total industry carbon footprint. While there is a growing awareness among publishers on environmental issues, much more needs to be done.  

       Just this past May, the company reported a total of 100,000 trees planted on behalf of individuals and business partners. That’s over 77,500 books balanced out so far. (Every dollar donated  equates to 1.3 trees planted.)

       We all have books lying around everywhere, or love to obtain more, whether for education or entertainment. Why not put EcoLibris as a regular “green habit”  in your lifestyle?


About got2care

A Midwest, big-city Cultural Creative feminist, who believes that caring and creativity go together. Interests in my blogs can include: the green lifestyle, writing, educational reform, literary topics, and being creative.
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